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Le Bonheur Club founded Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in 1952, and we continue to play an integral role in both the fundraising and volunteer arms of the Hospital today. We take pride in our efforts to support the Hospital by hosting a variety of events and fundraisers as well as providing the volunteer hours necessary to carry out Hospital programs and traditions. Le Bonheur Club’s mission, to help Le Bonheur help kids, is woven throughout all aspects of our Club while our main goal is to improve the lives of all children in our community.


One of the primary focuses of Le Bonheur Club is to raise as much money as possible each year to gift to the Hospital. Our Gold Tag campaign, one of the Club’s annual fundraising efforts, consists of a direct mail appeal to supporters of our Club and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. We also host a variety of events to enhance our fundraising goals. Our members are committed to challenging themselves year after year to earn more by hosting new, creative events. Some of our fundraising projects have included:

  • Le Bon Appetit
  • Lemonade for Le Bonheur
  • Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Day
  • Centennial Golden Gala at the Peabody Hotel
  • Participation in retail programs such as Kroger Rewards and Superlo Community Rewards

Join us in helping to raise money for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital by contacting our Office Coordinator at or at (901) 682-9905.


Le Bonheur Club is one of the most vibrant, diverse and passionate groups of dedicated women in the Mid-South. Our membership includes women with various backgrounds and occupations brought together by a common thread of love and compassion for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. Their spirit for service and giving hearts allow Le Bonheur Club to provide countless hours of service and hundreds of thousands of dollars to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital each year to help patients and their families as they navigate health issues which may significantly impact their lives. There are many ways our members can offer help and support including the following:

  • Bunny Lane: Every child having surgery at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital visits Bunny Lane and receives a toy to ease their fears and to make their day brighter. Members participate in toy drives and keep the shelves constantly stocked so every child, no matter the age, has something to choose from Bunny Lane.Shop our BUNNY LANE Collection on Amazon.
  • Family Resource Center: A place of respite from their treatment, the Family Resource Center offers patients and their families a place to visit when they need a change of pace. The center offers a large library, computers and a kitchen so families can gather together outside of their hospital room. Members help maintain the space, read to patients and even host events that patients can participate in.
  • Hospitality Cart: Filled with magazines, snacks and toys, the hospitality cart is a distraction for patients and their families as they await treatment. Members take the cart to patient floors and interact with families, offering them something to keep them busy as they help their child get well.
  • No-Sew Blankets: Le Bonheur Club members make soft, no-sew blankets to distribute to patients throughout the hospital. The children love to have something to hold and snuggle with that can also go home with them.
  • Patients’ Special Events: Themed parties are held regularly for patients at the Hospital. These parties celebrate holidays, seasons of the year and often have special guests like Rockey the Redbird in attendance. Members help plan and execute the events, interacting with patients and their families as they take a break from their treatment.
  • Pet Therapy: Several times each month, specially trained pets visit the Hospital to meet and interact with patients. Members accompany the pets and visit with patients and their families. This is always such a joyful and welcome distraction for everyone.
  • Taste of Home: Members provide meals or snacks for patients and their families on a regular basis. Families identified by staff that have unusual circumstances or have been in the Hospital for a long period of time are paired with a member that can bring them a taste of home. Members also place snacks in the family rooms on patient floors that anyone can enjoy.