Le Bonheur Club’s membership includes vibrant, dedicated and passionate women with various backgrounds and occupations brought together by a common thread of love and service for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. Their spirit for helping others and giving hearts allows Le Bonheur Club to provide countless hours of service and hundreds of thousands of dollars to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital each year.


Lala Taylor

96th President of Le Bonheur Club

Lala grew up in Memphis as the oldest of 2 children and graduated from the Hutchison School in 1994; she then attended Ole Miss and the University of Memphis and later completed her EMT-IV training in 2009 at Southwest Community College. She worked as a Contract Administrator for 15 years and then stayed home with her 3 children—twins, Hunt and Louise (10 years), and Holland (5 years), who keep her busy and entertained. She is an active member of the Church of the Holy Communion.
In 2019 she formed HLH Management Company to do residential renovations and home remodels.

Although she has no personal experience as a patient or the relative of a patient at Le Bonheur, she joined the Club in 2012 following in the footsteps of her aunt, Poohie Burr (Sustainer Chair). Additionally, the hospital is dear to her heart because her grandfather, Edward Jappe, served on the Board of Directors for many years and was instrumental in Le Bonheur’s initial development including establishment of the first pediatric open-heart surgery center in the nation. And her father’s company, MCDR, Inc., constructed many of the earlier hospital buildings including the West Patient Tower, the Professional Office Building, and the Emergency and Surgical Departments in the “old” hospital.

Le Bonheur Club Executive Board & Board of Directors


Executive Board:

President – Lala Taylor
Immediate Past President – Lauren Barnett
Preceding Immediate Past President – Karen Eskin
First Vice President – Lala Taylor
Recording Secretary – Kate Wardwell
Corresponding Secretary – Theresa Jacques
Treasurer – Katherine Graham
Assistant Treasurer – Jamie Harris
Parliamentarian – Karen Eskin (Appointed)

Le Bonheur Club Committee Chairs


Ways and Means:

General Chair – Tressa Ogles
Gold Tag Chairs – Dawn Wallace, Jamie Harris, Kim Laschober
Benefit Chairs – Karen Carlisle, Barbara Hodges, Amy Lindeman
Benefit Chairs (LeBonAppetit) – Apryl Deas, Anna Rojas, Chrissie Tashie
Club 100 Year Birthday – Barbara Hodges, Cheryl Edwards
Event Treasurer – Appointed

Hospital Volunteer Service:

Volunteer Service Chair – Kathleen Behnke
Bunny Lane – September Eason
Hospital Special Events – Anne Canale
Hospital Services – Lauren Barnett, Haley Edmonds
Pet Therapy – Catherine Johnston
Taste of Home – Denice McMahon
Shoppers Chair – Kim Britt

Nominating Committee:

Actives – Amanda Harkins, Ivey Jennings, Lisa Childs, Dawn Wallace, Jenny Rudermiller
Junior Associates – Kim Britt, Theresa Jacques, Katherine Graham, Amanda Getchman, Nancy Wilson
Senior Associates – Donna Mulhern, Jamie Turner, Cathy Wilson, Anne Canale, Gail Gray


Attendance – Marjorie Knight
Community Special Events – Julie Trayal
Entertainment – Meredit Coughlin
Finance – Jamie Harris
Headquarters – Peggy Lovell
Historian – Barbara Hodges
In Kind – Meg Baker
Mailing – Lisa Willbanks
Marketing – Lindsey Weirich
Newsletter – Lisa Russell
Retail – Allison Prescott
Strategic Plan – Appointed— Karen Carlisle
Sustainers – Poohie Burr
Teens – Kellie Prescott
Website – Esha Iupe
Yearbook – Robin Enck

Founding Members

To these women and those who followed them, we express our appreciation:


Margaret Wherry Archer
Billie Anthony Carrington
Frances Stratton Cathey
Corneil Knight Chandler
Louise Fly Crump
Anna Lacy Davant
Mildred Donelson
Mildred May Elliotte
Madeline Fulton
Elizabeth Jordan Gilliland
Frances Bryan Gilliland
Carolyn Halliday
Evelyn Salmon Hopkins
Louise Ann Roberts Long
Annie Ruth Thompson McCaughlan
Lucille Berwick Snowden
Marguerite Randolph Turner
Sara Maddux Van Fossan
Fay Ogilvie Wade

Past Presidents

To these outstanding women who have given of their time, talent and treasures to the well-being of the Club during their presidency and beyond:


Margaret Wherry Archer
Billie Anthony Carrington 1923-1924
Marguerite Randolph Turner1924-1925
Lucille Berwick Snowden 1925-1926
Mildred May Elliotte 1926-1927
Sara Maddux Van Fossan 1927-1928
Jewell Smith Barwick 1928-1929
Ada McDonnell Smith 1929-1931
Jeannettee McCormack Reber 1931-1932
Martha Allen Long 1932-1934
Gwendolyn Watson Graham 1934-1935
Mary Chunn Wilkinson Babendreer 1935-1936
Mary Louise McPhillips Saxon 1936-1937
Kate Person Land Pritchard 1937-1938
Mary Catherine Prest Wade 1938-1939
Margaret Trenholm Moore 1939-1940
Cornelia Covington Allstadt Gatlin 1940-1941
Beatrice Scheibler Gerber 1941-1942
Ada McDonnell Smith 1942-1943
Peggy Witherington Kimbrough 1943-1944
Margaret Conger Barnett 1944-1945
Ruth Burton Pidgeon 1945-1946
Elizabeth Miller Stratton 1946- 1947
Beatrice Scheibler Gerber 1947-1949
Ruth McClure Curd 1949-1950
Mary Carolyn Ellis Rabb 1950-1951
Elise Porter Prichard 1951-1952
Jean McKneely Weathersby 1952-1953
Amy Smith Porter 1953-1954
Martha Baptist De Saussure Collins 1954-1955
Alice Shangraw Schadt 1955-1956
Sarah Phillips Crenshaw 1956-1957
Esther Jones Doughtie Jeffries 1957-1958
Eugenia Armistead Blanchard 1958-1959
Mary Ann McCabe Avery 1959-1960
Sue Cheek Smith Hughes 1960-1961
Golda DeCell Minor 1961-1962
Maline Charlton Prest 1962-1963
Elizabeth Parsons Dudley 1963-1964
Blenda Olson Heller 1964-1965
Penny Potts Bailey 1965-1966
Sally Palmer Thomason 1966-1967
Margaret Hooks Wilson 1967-1968
Hylda Hicks Whitman 1968-1969
Ruth Younghanse Crenshaw 1969-1970
Jane Doles Jones 1970-1971
Betty Goff Cook Cartwright 1971-1972
Frances Bryan Gilliland
Lucy Carrington Jones 1972-1973
Terry Brown Robertson 1973-1974
Ann Garber Creson 1974-1975
Florence Harris Hinson 1975-1976
Billie Ann Beaumont Williams 1976-1977
Mary Louise Rickets Moffatt 1977-1978
Mary Ann Davenport Ford 1978-1979
Margaret Williams Harwell 1979-1980
Gail Little French 1980-1981
Virginia Taylor Buhler Gibson1981-1982
Patricia Gardner Klinke 1982-1983
Shirley Polk Browne 1983-1984
Betty Hunt Pyeatt 1984-1985
Sandy Sherrod Sherman 1985-1986
Margaret Lott Schaefer 1986-1987
Jo Anne Bratton Tilley 1987-1988
Evelyn Schlafter Gotten 1988-1989
Roseann Harwood Painter 1989-1990
Ann Clark Quinlen Harris 1990-1991
Kate Flowers Weathersby 1991-1992
Glenna Boales Flautt 1992-1993
Beth Baker Breazeale 1993-1994
Clara Dean Cox Hope 1994-1995
Donna Wolfe Rhodes 1995-1996
Libby Reese Aaron 1996-1997
Laurie Parsons Monypeny 1997-1998
Patty Reynolds Johnson 1998-1999
Nancy Powell Kelley 1999-2000
Mary Lawrence Hughes Flinn 2000-2001
Debbie Nix Edmundson 2001-2002
SusanHoskins Razzouk 2002 – 2003
Fini Durin Koerner 2003-2004
Nancy Cridlin Barnett 2004-2005
Debbie Holder Florendo 2005-2006
Debbie Wilson Jones 2006-2007
Jill Wilkerson Crocker 2007-2008
Mary Mac Garbuzinski Carrier 2008-2009
Denise Wherrity Henning 2009-2010
Kim Swann Pitts 2010-2011
Lauren Hendrix Daughtry 2011-2012
Donna Bellott Flinn 2012-2013
Linda Underwood Keesee 2013-2014
Peggy Weik Lovell 2014-2015
Karen McDonald Carlisle 2015-2016
Barbara Holder Hodges 2016-2017
Karen Cavanaugh Eskin 2017-2018
Janie Roberts Owens 2018-2019
Lauren Barnett 2019-2021